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Sep. 01.

Efter Arts & Audiences konferencen: Hvad har vi lært?

Niels Righolt, CKIs centerleder, lavede en opsummering på Arts and Audiences konferencen i Helsinki i august 2013. En personlig reflektion over to inspirerende og intense dage.

Se videoen på: new.livestream.com/Infocrea-fi/Arts-and-Audiences

Friday afternoon session 2 – “What have we learned? What do we do with all this?”; Summary by Niels Righolt, Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture – Voting for top strategies

Here is a Think Piece written by Niels Righolt from DCAI (CKI). It was commissioned by the British Council and published on 28 August 2013 together with four other perspectives on Equality Exchange:

‘Scandinavian Equality as a Glimpse in the Mirror’ (PDF)

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