May. 29.

Rapport om publikumsudvikling: ‘Power to the People’

The face of the audience is changing and our means to maximize our reach with them. This quick and dirty guide is the report from Route 5: ‘Power to the People: Strategic Marketing Through Audience Development’.

This is a good read for anyone looking for new ways to initiate conversation. The empathic approach is also valuable when dealing with social problems and group conflict. It’s a five-page publication which means it’ll take you about 10 minutes to read.


From the Route description:
“The last decade showed the biggest shift in information consumption since the rise of television 50 years ago. Mass media are losing power to social media, consumers are quickly becoming less passive and more influential. There’s need for a new approach to culture marketing, putting the audience in the middle of your marketing strategy.

This short report is a great 2-minute read for the marketing professional looking to get som good quick tips from other sectors than culture in the field of external communication.

Speakers: Jo Taylor (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre), Victor vad der Wijk (Air France, KLM), Michiel Rovers (Utrecht University) among others.

Report by: Lisanne de Haan for Trans Europe Halles Resource.


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