Jun. 19.

Mark Powell om sit publikumsarbejde på Salisbury Playhouse

Matthew Caines fra The Guardian har interviewet Mark Powell fra teatret Salisbury Playhouse om, hvordan han arbejder med at tiltrække et nyt og yngre publikum til Salisbury Playhouse. Han skriver i sin introduktion:

If anyone knows about participation in the performing arts, it’s Mark Powell, associate director at Salisbury Playhouse. I caught up with him this week for a chat about inclusion, arts education and connecting young people with theatre (no easy task in rural Wiltshire).

“What hasn’t worked? Early projects with nowhere to go: one hit wonders that didn’t engage with our professional programme or didn’t have permanent opportunities for participants to move onto. Now we make sure there’s always a second base to aim for.”

“We need to find new ways of presenting and promoting theatre for our times,” he said. “If the only playwright young people are allowed to engage with is Shakespeare (and I love the man) we’re saying theatre is a dead art. We don’t necessarily need more government money, but we do need more government approval.”

The Guardian Professional – 18 June 2013:
Arts head: Mark Powell, associate director, Salisbury Playhouse
The associate director talks theatre outside the big city, and why the arts could do with more government approval, if not money. By Matthew Caines

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