Jun. 08.

Udvikling af mobile tjenester til museer

“Dear museums, we love you. You inspire, engage and educate.” So starts culture and tech research specialist Matthew Petrie in an open letter to our beloved British institutions. “We love you because you actively bring change and development to our communities. You just make us feel good.”

But… (and you just knew there was a ‘but’ coming). “See all those people coming through your doors? You know what the vast majority of them don’t leave home without? That’s right, their mobiles.”

With some 74 percent of visitors bringing their mobile devices through the front doors with them, it’s high time for museums to be doing more with mobile.

The Guardian – 31 May 2013:
Dear museums: the time is right to embrace mobile
Most museum visitors don’t leave home without their mobile – it’s time to exploit that fact, says Matthew Petrie

When it comes to museums, mobile is about innovating the audience experience, not the technology. “There is acknowledgement that mobile is a very powerful tool, but it is just a tool and one that we need to master,” museums say, “It should be used strategically – in the right way, with the right audience and at the right time.”

The Guardian – 8 June 2013:
Mobile culture: innovating the audience experience, not the technology
Most museums have already embraced mobile, and they are thinking about it in more sophisticated and strategic ways

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