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Crowd-Sourcing Audience Engagement – What’s Your View?

Cultural professionals all over Europe are contributing ideas and perspectives on how best arts organisations can engage successfully with audiences… could you add your thoughts?

Do you have a story or experience that you could contribute? A favourite web site or resource (it doesn’t have to be in English)? A piece of valuable research to suggest? A ground-breaking project which has changed the way audiences view, or engage with, a cultural organisation?

AEN has won another tranche of European funding to support its exploration of engagement with ‘missing audiences’. We’re compiling a suite of ‘tool-kits’ where you can find information, research, case studies and web-links focussing on four key topics:

• Digital Communications and Social Media
• Organisational Change and Audience Focus
• Outreach and Engagement
• Understanding Your Audiences

We want to hear from AEN members and supporters with their own ‘top tips’ in any of these areas. Here’s the key question:

If you were explaining to someone the three most important things to do if you want to attract – and keep – cultural audiences, what would they be? What is your prescription for successful audience engagement?

The aim is capture the rich knowledge and experience of AEN’s members so as to build up a picture of what works, what’s important, and how we should be using our precious resources.

Send your thoughts, links and suggestions direct to AEN and we will incorporate them into our tool-kits for the benefit of the European cultural community. Click on this link, and you will be linked straight into AEN’s Audiences Wisdom section, where you can upload, suggest, copy and paste, add your prescription for future success.

Thanks and looking forward to your brilliant contributions!

Best wishes
Rich and Caron-Jane
AEN Coordinators
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  • Thanks for posting the announcement. Any links to resources for inclusion in to the 4 listed tool kits would be greatly appraised. Please join the network and stay in touch.

    Caron @pcmcreative

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