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Mar. 27.

2015 Theatron Workshops


Theatron is pleased to invite you to 3 workshops in 2015:

  • Research for Audience Engagement – Towards a European Framework, 24-25 September 2015, hosted by Uppsala Stadsteater, Uppsala SE
  • Engaging Society – The Role of Political Theatre on and off stage, 19-20 October 2015, hosted by Archa Theatre, Prague CZ
  • Beyond Performance – Combining Analogue and Digital on Stage, 12-13 November 2015, hosted by RomaEuropa, Rome IT

Theatron members and associated members are also invited to note the Meeting on the Continuation of Theatron in Rome on 12 or 13 November 2015.

European performing arts organisations & experts interested in audience development and community engagement are invited to join Theatron members for these workshops. Focussing on sharing best practice, these events offer a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas, connect to other experts and learn about the latest developments in the field.

We’d be grateful if you would share these dates with your network. A more detailed programme will be published in the coming months.

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hosted by Uppsala Stadsteater

24-25 Sept

Register via Theatron


hosted by Archa Theatre

19 – 20 Oct 2015

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hosted by Fondazione Romaeuropa

12-13 Nov

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Odense Teater

Odense 5100


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Nov. 05.

Culture.Shift Forum om publikumsudvikling

The Theatron Network invites you to join to Culture.Shift Forum – Creative Leadership in Action in Antwerp on 6-7 December 2014.

Culture.Shift explores how European performing arts organisations can develop a vision, mindset and structure to engage their communities and connect to their audiences successfully.

Invitation to Join Culture.Shift

European forum for creative leaders

6-7 Dec. ’14 in Antwerp, Belgium

Over 2 days, the Culture.Shift forum will spark discussions of Europe’s leading creative directors, experts in change management and audience engagement with European creative leaders interested in expanding their creative management skills and ideas.

Find out more and join us!

Speakers Include

Jerry Aerts (General & Artistic Manager of deSingel), Sue Hoyle (Director of the Clore Leadership Programme for Creatives), Alistair Spalding (Chief Executive & Artistic Director of Sadler’s Wells), Andrew Ormston (Director of Drew Wylie). More about the speakers

Participation in Culture.Shift includes

  • the 2-day forum with lectures, workshops, breaks and and networking events.
  • We also invite you to attend the evening performance at the Toneelhuis or deSingel.
  • Last but not least, you will receive a copy of the Culture.Shift Book with articles and insights from speakers and other experts.

Registrations are subsidised by the organisers and start from 50€ plus VAT.

Register Now

Programme Overview

6 December – Creative Leadership in Action 

A Map to Your Creative Forum: Welcome, Objectives, Overview and Introductions Inspiring Creative Leadership: Best practice examples of houses that made engaging their communities their mission Why do it? Panel discussion on how an audience-centric approach benefits the house and its artistic work Drinks, chat and get-together Evening Performance

7 December – A roadmap for transformation 

A roadmap for transformation: Summary of day 1 and outlook of day 2 Leading Creative Transformation: Ideas, tips, tools and pathways for leading audience-centric organisations Just do it! Creating Roadmaps for Change: Moderated Group Workshops Only the beginning: Culture.Shift Closing & Outlook Joint lunch and networking

More about the Programme

The Culture.Shift Forum is an initiative of Theatron. Theatron is a network of European performing arts organisations who aim to explore creative and innovative ways of engaging new audiences. Theatron highlights the importance of a creative dialogue between performers and audiences. It encompasses the entire creative process from programming via artistic creation, performance, outreach and communication.

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Aug. 26.

Miniseminar om publikumsudvikling og sociale medier

Engaging Audiences through the Social Sphere

26 September 2014 – 12:30-17:30 @ Teater Republique in Copenhagen

This Theatron Workshop explores how performing arts organisations can integrate social and digital media into the productions, ‘extending their stage’ and connecting with their audiences before, during and after the performance.

Geared at professionals working in major houses in the areas of communication, community engagement, artistic production, outreach and eduction, this workshop brings together performing arts organisations with social media experts from Copenhagen Business School, Have Communications and Berlingske Media for a deeper understanding of the power of the social sphere for creative audience engagement. Read more or register now.

Hosted by Associated Partner Teater Republique in Copenhagen, participants will also have the opportunity to see Heart of Darkness by Enrique Vargas (Teatro de los Sentidos). Previously, Vargas and his Teatro de los Sentidos have exposed their guests to the lighter, poetic and gentle aspects of themselves. However, with Heart of Darkness, participants are invited to a darker, sensuous expedition to their very own.

May. 29.

Rapport om publikumsudvikling: ‘Power to the People’

The face of the audience is changing and our means to maximize our reach with them. This quick and dirty guide is the report from Route 5: ‘Power to the People: Strategic Marketing Through Audience Development’.

This is a good read for anyone looking for new ways to initiate conversation. The empathic approach is also valuable when dealing with social problems and group conflict. It’s a five-page publication which means it’ll take you about 10 minutes to read.


From the Route description:
“The last decade showed the biggest shift in information consumption since the rise of television 50 years ago. Mass media are losing power to social media, consumers are quickly becoming less passive and more influential. There’s need for a new approach to culture marketing, putting the audience in the middle of your marketing strategy.

This short report is a great 2-minute read for the marketing professional looking to get som good quick tips from other sectors than culture in the field of external communication.

Speakers: Jo Taylor (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre), Victor vad der Wijk (Air France, KLM), Michiel Rovers (Utrecht University) among others.

Report by: Lisanne de Haan for Trans Europe Halles Resource.


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Feb. 14.

UK: Young Audiences workshop on 2 April 2014

Theatre & Education: Partnerships for Engaging Young Audiences
2.-3. april 2014 på Sheffield Theatres i England

Registrér her inden 15. marts 2014


This workshop explores how to attract, engage and sustain young people as an audience for major performance houses. Geared at professionals working in major houses in the areas of education, community outreach and communication, it will present case studies from different European houses and invites participants to exchange their knowledge and ideas.

Why Young Audiences?
Although often founded with mature adult audiences in mind, most major performance houses are increasingly interested in engaging young people in their activities. Not only do children, youths and young adults have a right to participate, they also form the audience of the future. However, young people have different needs and motivations concerning cultural participation and a few school performances do not transform theatre novices into loyal theatre fans.

Workshop Aims
This workshop explores how to attract, engage and sustain young people as an audience for major performance houses. It looks at barriers to entry, participation and repeat visits and illustrates with examples what the houses can do to engage with young audiences.  Finally, we will look at the way partnerships with schools and other organisations can help in this challenge.


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Oct. 29.

Konference i Spanien: ‘Open All Areas Barcelona’

14.-15. november 2013 i MACBA, CCCB og Fundació Antoni Tàpies i Barcelona, Spanien.

Within the project Open All Areas, the Barcelona event presents some case studies of long term projects in inclusion of non-users adults, that started small and are now good practice examples for other institutions.

Thursday 14 Venue: MACBA
9.30 am Reception of guests and presentation
10 am Museums and accessibility. Presentation of two case studies and discussion
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya – MNAC. Teresa González, head of Education Department, and Fina Alert, director of the Association Susoespai, creation and mental health, present Museum, a place for all, a long term programme involving adults with cerebral paralysis, learning difficulties and mental disorders in the museum.
Museu Marítim de Barcelona. Mireia Mayolas, head of education services, presents how the museum is involved as a whole in social responsibility, with long term programmes with all kinds of target groups.

12 pm Two case studies and discussion
Museu Picasso de Barcelona. Anna Guarro, presents the project Memory for grandparents, organized for the older people living close to the museum.
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – CCCB. Teresa Pérez and Mònica Muñoz present the project Alzheimart, a programme for Alzheimer sufferers and their caretakers.
Venue: CCCB

4 pm Culture for all. Presentation of two case studies and discussion
Fundació Tot Raval. Elisa Covelo presents Raval(s) this cluster that includes all the cultural institutions of the district together with the neighbourhood associations and immigration groups, working together each year in a joint cultural festival, among other projects.
Almazén. Macarena de la Vega presents Raval Zirkus, a project that is based on using circus for integration

6 pm Two case studies and discussion
Alta Realitat. Jordi Cortés, dancer and choreographer, presents Integrated Dance, where this contemporary dance company works towards integration through dance, and incorporates dance professionals with or without disabilities.
Fundació La Caixa. Gloria Cid presents a new theater project towards the integration of immigrants, directed by Alex Rigola, that will have the opening at the festival Temproada Alta this year.

Friday 15 Venue: Fundació Antoni Tàpies
9.30 am Three case studies and discussion
L’Auditori. Assumpció Malagarriga, Head of L’Auditori: Educa, presents the socio-educational project of L’Auditori, and specially their programmes in integration through music such as concerts, Cantània, A morning with Orchestra and It’s your turn.
Apropa Cultura. Sonia Gainza, director of Apropa Cultura and head of L’Auditori Apropa, presents this joint programme of all the catalan auditoriums and theaters, where this year museums have been added, in offering lots of cultural activities for groups in risk of social exclusion.
Eclectic, a Festival of Tarragona, Romà Solé presents this festival that reunites each year the different integration projects in scenic arts around Catalonia

12.30 pm Conclusions

See more details and RSVP on Audiences Europe Network


Sep. 01.

Efter Arts & Audiences konferencen: Hvad har vi lært?

Niels Righolt, CKIs centerleder, lavede en opsummering på Arts and Audiences konferencen i Helsinki i august 2013. En personlig reflektion over to inspirerende og intense dage.

Se videoen på:

Friday afternoon session 2 – “What have we learned? What do we do with all this?”; Summary by Niels Righolt, Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture – Voting for top strategies

Here is a Think Piece written by Niels Righolt from DCAI (CKI). It was commissioned by the British Council and published on 28 August 2013 together with four other perspectives on Equality Exchange:

‘Scandinavian Equality as a Glimpse in the Mirror’ (PDF)

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Aug. 13.

Tips fra Audiences Norway: Arts and Audiences Helsinki streames live

Arts and Audiences Helsinki konferencen er udsolgt. Men du kan følge den live på nettet. Arrangørerne streamer hele konferencen live fra Helsinki på den 22. og 23. august.

Se hele programmet her

Her finder du listen over tilmeldte

  Opsummering fra Audiences Norways Årskonference

Norsk publikumsutviklings Årskonferanse blev holdt den 28. maj i Bergen. Audiences Norway har opsummeret nogle af højdepunktene fra konferensen. » Læs mere



Arts Marketing & Engagement Kit har publiceret en artikel om hvordan kunstnere kan øge deres indtægterne ved at skabe en varieret portefølje. Artiklen tilbyder også konkrete værktøjer. » Læs mere

Jun. 19.

Mark Powell om sit publikumsarbejde på Salisbury Playhouse

Matthew Caines fra The Guardian har interviewet Mark Powell fra teatret Salisbury Playhouse om, hvordan han arbejder med at tiltrække et nyt og yngre publikum til Salisbury Playhouse. Han skriver i sin introduktion:

If anyone knows about participation in the performing arts, it’s Mark Powell, associate director at Salisbury Playhouse. I caught up with him this week for a chat about inclusion, arts education and connecting young people with theatre (no easy task in rural Wiltshire).

“What hasn’t worked? Early projects with nowhere to go: one hit wonders that didn’t engage with our professional programme or didn’t have permanent opportunities for participants to move onto. Now we make sure there’s always a second base to aim for.”

“We need to find new ways of presenting and promoting theatre for our times,” he said. “If the only playwright young people are allowed to engage with is Shakespeare (and I love the man) we’re saying theatre is a dead art. We don’t necessarily need more government money, but we do need more government approval.”

The Guardian Professional – 18 June 2013:
Arts head: Mark Powell, associate director, Salisbury Playhouse
The associate director talks theatre outside the big city, and why the arts could do with more government approval, if not money. By Matthew Caines

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Jun. 08.

Reflektioner over ‘Inclusive Museum’ konferencen

Under overskriften The inclusive museum: the view from abroad har kulturkonsulent Yasmin Khan skrevet en kommentar i Museums Journal, hvor hun reflekterer over ‘Inclusive Museum’ konferencen, som blev holdt på Statens Museum for Kunst i foråret 2013.
Hun skriver blandt andet:

“It turns out that the UK public’s understanding of museums is not what we expected. BritainThink’s public attitude research commissioned by the Museums Association reveals people mostly want museums to care, preserve and exhibit our heritage but are not bursting for museums to be places for debate or to promote social justice and human rights.

The findings reveal the public has a different set of expectations to the aspirations of some museum professionals. The results could have been different if museums had an established reputation for being genuinely more inclusive. Perhaps we ought to take stock of what’s happening in museums beyond the UK?

I recently participated in the Inclusive Museum, an international conference bringing together hundreds of delegates dedicated to the inclusive museum ethos.

The quality of its discussions indicates progress and innovation are in hand when it comes to visitors embracing social justice in museums.

I learnt of many audience-centred projects, most memorably a town museum in Denmark that hosted a homeless person in residence for three months (at his request) and a light-therapy exhibit in Finland powered by energy donated by the local community.

Karsten Ohrt, director of Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, said: “Museums are no longer masters of knowledge, but servants of knowledge.”

I agree, but the vision of museums as servants rather than masters is one that needs to fully materialise if this is how we want the public to see us.”


“A key take-home message was the need to become more active about “in-reach” – engaging with our colleagues and peers in the sector as well as strengthening existing relationships within our reach before embarking on outreach activities.”

Continue reading here:

• Museums Journal, Issue 113/06, p18 – 1 June 2013:
The inclusive museum: the view from abroad
By Yasmin Khan

Museums Journal

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