Jun. 19.

Arts Council England lancerer to nye publikum-toolkits

Arts Council England – briternes kunstråd – har lanceret to nye toolkits/guider, der giver praktiske råd og tips om, hvordan man engagerer to målgruppesegmenter, der tilsammen udgør omkring en tredjedel af kunstpublikummet. De kaldes henholdsvis ‘Middag og et show’ og ‘Familie og samfunds fokuseret’.
Guiderne giver oplysninger, som kan hjælpe kulturinstitutioner til bedre at forstå disse to målgruppesegmenter.

Family & Community Focused Toolkit [PDF]

Dinner and a Show Toolkit [PDF]



One of the Arts Council’s 10-year goals is for more people to experience and be inspired by the arts. We know excellent work is being created all over England and that more people than ever are engaging with the arts, but we think there is real potential to attract even bigger audiences, reach even more people and make sure those who engage with the arts do so more regularly.

We want to work with arts organisations across the country to enable them to have an even-stronger focus on building audiences – so that they remain central to the communities they serve. Our aim is to ensure that people, wherever they live and whatever their background, have access to excellent art and that we break down the economic and social barriers that stop people enjoying the arts.

The first step towards achieving this goal, is to understand why and how different people engage with the arts in England. The Arts Council’s Arts Audiences: Insight research identified 13 distinct audience segments and looked at how the arts fit into the lives of these groups, their engagement with and attitudes to the arts, and how they spend their leisure time. It also considered socio-demographic
factors, media consumption and lifestyles. You can read more about this research by visiting www.artscouncil.org.uk/audienceinsight

This toolkit concentrates on the segment we call ‘Dinner and a show’, which accounts for about 20% of the English adult population. It aims to help arts organisations attract this particular section of the population to their work, setting out the characteristics of this group and providing a six-point process for encouraging them to experience the arts.

The toolkit also provides case studies from organisations that have undertaken pilot projects aimed at attracting this audience segment.

I’d like to thank &Co, All About Audiences and Audiences North East who have worked alongside us on these toolkits, and also all the organisations that volunteered to be case studies for this research.

I’m sure these toolkits will be really useful to organisations across the country as they look to attract new audiences to the arts.

Alan Davey
Chief Executive, Arts Council England

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